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Practical Ways in Preparing Baby’s Clothes

Upon reaching my 33rd week (beginning of my 8-month) of pregnancy, it was the only time I’ve decided to start buying few stuffs for my little boy on the way. First thing I’ve considered is his set of clothes. Though, it’s kind of exciting, I tried to be the practical mom-to-be as much as possible. Below are the things I’ve considered in preparing my baby’s clothes.

  1. In buying my baby’s first set of clothes…
    • I’ve waited for expos or sales to get good discounts
    • I’ve bought which I believe the most basic
      • Sleeveless
      • Short sleeves
      • Long Sleeves
      • Pants
      • Baby Hat
      • Baby Gloves
      • Baby Boots
    • I’ve preferred most designs are for unisex, so I could still use it if ever I would still have another baby in the future, or I could share it to others’.
    • I chose most clothes all white because I want to easily see if there’s a dirt or insect crawling.
    • I bought a combination of 0-3 month and 3-6 month size of clothing as baby grows very fast.
    • Though, I’m a frugal person, I highly considered good quality materials. I want to make sure the baby would feel comfortable wearing it.
    • I bought a lot of muslin cloths, as this is very multi-purpose. You can use them as:
      • Washable cloth diaper (well, you can dispose if you like)
      • Swaddle
      • Wash Cloth
      • Bib
      • Burp Pad
      • Towel
      • and many more…
    • I bought both washable and disposable diaper. I bought washable diapers so it can also be used as the baby’s underwear. However, there are times, I believe, I would be needing the help of a disposable diaper. So still, I bought an emergency pack. Though, I make sure it’s safe for the baby so I chose a chlorine-free diaper. Still, I’m continuously in search for more comfortable, safe and environment-friendly disposable diaper.

I think it’s better to buy more after the baby is born. I’m planning to buy more boy-clothes when he grows a little older, and most for outdoor outfit only. 


  1. In washing his clothes…
    • I deep clean my washing machine first.
      • I fill in the tub with water in full setting with hydrogen peroxide and soak it for 60 min, short wash and drain.
      • On the second run, same procedure as above, except I use at this time, white vinegar with baking soda instead of hydrogen peroxide.
      • After cleaning, spin the tub.
    • I start washing the clothes.
      • Put small items like the hat, gloves and booties in a net bag.
      • I used the Child Care setting (I think most Fully Auto washers has this.)
      • I choose using laundry detergent that is suited for baby’s skin.
        • Phosphate-free
        • SLS-SLES-free
        • Bleach-free
        • Optical brightener-free
        • Synthetic fragrance-free


I used Human Nature 100% Natural Powder detergent, which is dermatologist-tested as non-irritating and safe. What’s cool is that It is also environment friendly.

    • After spin dry, I hang the clothes to dry it totally.
    • Before I put them on the storage, I iron the baby’s clothes with enough heat just to kill the germs that might be attached while being dried outside.
  1. In storing his clothes…
  • I didn’t buy for a storage or drawer for the baby’s stuff as we don’t have enough space in our apartment. Instead, I look for existing drawer which I think I can use.
  • I remove the items inside and and clean the drawer (a plastic one) with soap and water.
  • I sanitised it by wiping it with vinegar (or alcohol if you like), just to make sure It’s really clean.
  • I’ve separated each clothes into the four drawers (hierarchy may change)
    • 1st – Multi-purpose cloths
    • 2nd – Changing Cloths
    • 3rd – Top and Bottom
    • 4th – small items (hat, gloves and booties)
  • I put labels for easy access on the stuffs I need.

The steps I did is not really complicated and so simple. But the challenge I’ve experience, as a working preggy, giving time of doing them was not easy. Honestly, I wasn’t able to complete doing all of this just in one day. It took me more than a week to complete them. Well, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have planned it well, you can still finish it. Just think of your baby, and you sure willingly love to do it. 


Cheers to all mommies-to-be!



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